Booking and Cancellation Policy

Casa Sónia - Alojamento Local


In the confirmation of the reservation will be charged 30% of the value of the reservation or totality, depending on the guest’s will.

The remaining amount will be charged 7 days before arrival (Check in). The payment:

  • If it is paid by bank transfer it will only be considered settled, after confirmation of the entry of the amount in our account (we do not confirm by the copy of the transfer receipt)
    At Check in day, a deposit amount of 150 EUR will be requested, which will be returned at Check out, as long as there are no damages / damages to the Room or extra expenses with cleaning or bed linen.
  • If it is paid by  Credit card, the amount of the deposit will be blocked on the Credit Card and  after confirming that there is no damage / damage to the Room or extra cleaning or bedding costs, will be unlocked. At Check Out day the Credit Card data will be destroyed.

Free stay for Children up to 3 years old , as they sleep in their parents’ bed, without the use of our nursery bed.

From that age, please consult us via email.


If the reservation is canceled 30 days before, there will be no penalty and the deposit paid upon confirmation of the reservation will be returned.

In case of canceling 10 days before arrival, the 30% paid in the booking confirmation will not be refunded.

After these deadlines and or in the event of a no-show, the total amount of the reservation will be charged (safeguarding specific and force majeure cases in which they must contact us via email)