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Casa Sónia

The idea came up in 2016 when the couple Alberto and Sonja saw the property on the beach of Areia – Árvore.

The property was for sale, out of it emerged the idea for  a small and beautiful


“Small but nice”

Casa Sónia - Alojamento Local

The reason for making our dream come true was to be passionate about simplicity and the fog which turns into sunny afternoons and the desire to share that dream with others.

Our inspiration comes from the sea, which is reachable in a few steps and from the surrounding green area, the beautiful integral nature reserve. 

We appreciate the beauty and simplicity of things and the silence refines our senses. The soul and spirit are freed.

Casa Sónia prepares their rooms with care, maximum hygiene and cleanliness and we provide uncomplicated services. 

We want to offer our guests wonderful moments.
Everyone from all over the world is very welcome.

We want to attract all kind of guests like a surfer, a couple on their honeymoon, families with children and grandparents. 

We are pet friendly but please ask us first before you make a reservation.

For us it is important that our guests are comfortable with us so they can enjoy their stay at our Guesthouse and might wanna return. 



We are located in Árvore, right in the center, of one of the largest parishes in the city of Vila do Conde in the district of Porto. We are a part of the Camino de Santiago (230km).

The coastal path is surrounded by an integral nature reserve which is located between Mindelo and Vila do Conde.


Árvore Beach

This beach is in the Regional Protected Landscape of the Coast of Vila do Conde and Ornithological Reserve of Mindelo.

Praia de Árvore has a very long sand, with about 1 km, devoid of any rock formations and is surrounded by dunes. The “Praia de Árvore” beach has a very long and extensive beach, fine sand about 1 km long without rock formations

In certain areas, it does not have direct access, which allows some privacy.

The arrival of the bathing season brings with it the opening of a beach library and is always guarded by lifeguards with information for bathers, in which it is necessary to pay attention to the flags, due to the strong currents that occasionally appear in some places.

Next to the beach there are supports and infrastructures: car park, access for the disabled, sport fishing, bar, restaurant, showers, sanitary facilities, guarded beach and beach volleyball.

Vila do Conde

Vila do Conde is located on the north bank of the mouth of the Ave river, in the land of the well-known poet José Régio.

It is an important industrial center, fishing port and bathing and tourist area, making it one of the main and most sought after bathing centers in the country.

From Casa Sónia it takes us 7 min to the center of Vila do Conde (4.1 km)

Economic, social and environmental


Casa Sónia protects the environment and the climate.



We recycle waste and avoid using plastic, as well as using water economically.

Our Motivation: We want to part of the protection of the environment.

We defend the Values of Sustainability: economic, social and environmental


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Everyone from all over the world is very welcome.